Thursday, January 26, 2012

Slow & steady.. to the max!

Okay, yes I am already doing another post. This is crazy to me, the feeling of having no idea what the hell I am doing. Practice makes perfect is how the saying goes, right? As you can clearly notice, (unless you are blind or extremely unable to observe modifications) I have changed a few things. I am starting to get the hang of a few things, finally. Finally is the two and a half hours I have laid in bed rotating side to back, heating pad to pillows. I do believe this is just what the doctor ordered when he took me off work, complete relaxation with a peaceful mind. HA! If you know anything about me.. I find it very hard to relax, there is always something I think I have to do. Stress? Its a natural drug for me, its what keeps me motivated and determined (pathetic, I know!)

Thanks to Marissa and Megan for looking at this new masterpiece blog of mine, and giving me a few ideas. Trust me girls, I am going to use your ideas I am just a tired girl right now, and will save those amazing thoughts for tomorrow!

Cohen is finally getting settled down for the night. It was only a short gymnastics practice we had tonight, but it was almost too predictable. Lately he has been loving my right ribs. No, I am not referring to the ribs under my chest that most people complain about. I am talking about the lowest set of side ribs. You know.. the ones that seem to be cheaply made, and with every kick feels like he breaks a little piece off. Consider yourself lucky if you don't know this feeling. Actually wait.. I take that back!I am the lucky one, because it means I have a little one that likes to use his mommy as a kickboxing bag. Either way, I'll take it.

*Okay, I know I look like a wreck in this picture. But just hear me out..

After looking in the mirror it got me thinking. If I look this frazzled and exhausted from trying to figure out how to manage an online blog, what am I going to look like once the full time mommy duties begin? Guess we will just have to wait and see. And yes, that is Conan playing in the background.