Monday, January 30, 2012

20 and Pregnant.

I've made the decision that Cohen is going to be delivered via stork, because I don't want to do the whole labor thing. I've never been "normal" (Keri and Megan, keep your comments to yourself) , so why go through the same process as the normal girls. Labor is kinda over-rated anyways, right? I'was watching 16 and pregnant this morning, and well I don't like this show anymore. It's amazing what television shows can do to a pregnant girl. I no longer watch "A Baby Story". "16 and Pregnant", or "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." Anywayssss.. One girl I just watched was only two cm dilated and she was SCREAMING, like as if the baby was coming out of that small space. That is all it took, I mean storks deliver adorable babies.. look at dumbo! He is the cutest little elephant I have ever seen!

He. Needs. To. Come. Out. Like. Now. <-- This is how I have felt for the past week. Him and I both agreed that he doesn't have room, and I don't have the room for him. Not only do we agree, but I think Cameron is getting pretty anxious for our little guy to get here. It's adorable. I mean, he wants to keep the diaper bag with us at all times. I think its wishful thinking to get him to come out. But go figure, he is stubborn like his mommy and daddy. I knew this quality would come back and haunt me one day. As much as I want him to be a  mommys boy (which he will be, I don't care what Cameron says), he is definitely going to be daddy's little best friend. He loves to kick my ribs, and test my strength & patience. However, as sooooon as his daddy starts to rub my belly he settles right down and is calm, or if I push my belly against Cam's back. For the past few weeks, I can only get a good nights sleep if I smother his back with my belly. Oh well.. it benefits both Cohen and I, and two beats one. So we win! :)

Back to watching 16 and Pregnant, and homework. Ew, what was I thinkingggg?!

Come on.. This guy looks like he knows what he is doing! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Slow & steady.. to the max!

Okay, yes I am already doing another post. This is crazy to me, the feeling of having no idea what the hell I am doing. Practice makes perfect is how the saying goes, right? As you can clearly notice, (unless you are blind or extremely unable to observe modifications) I have changed a few things. I am starting to get the hang of a few things, finally. Finally is the two and a half hours I have laid in bed rotating side to back, heating pad to pillows. I do believe this is just what the doctor ordered when he took me off work, complete relaxation with a peaceful mind. HA! If you know anything about me.. I find it very hard to relax, there is always something I think I have to do. Stress? Its a natural drug for me, its what keeps me motivated and determined (pathetic, I know!)

Thanks to Marissa and Megan for looking at this new masterpiece blog of mine, and giving me a few ideas. Trust me girls, I am going to use your ideas I am just a tired girl right now, and will save those amazing thoughts for tomorrow!

Cohen is finally getting settled down for the night. It was only a short gymnastics practice we had tonight, but it was almost too predictable. Lately he has been loving my right ribs. No, I am not referring to the ribs under my chest that most people complain about. I am talking about the lowest set of side ribs. You know.. the ones that seem to be cheaply made, and with every kick feels like he breaks a little piece off. Consider yourself lucky if you don't know this feeling. Actually wait.. I take that back!I am the lucky one, because it means I have a little one that likes to use his mommy as a kickboxing bag. Either way, I'll take it.

*Okay, I know I look like a wreck in this picture. But just hear me out..

After looking in the mirror it got me thinking. If I look this frazzled and exhausted from trying to figure out how to manage an online blog, what am I going to look like once the full time mommy duties begin? Guess we will just have to wait and see. And yes, that is Conan playing in the background.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here goes nothing.. well, maybe something

I feel as though I shouldn't say "Well, here goes nothing" because then people could argue that it actually is something. I would then have to admit that yes, it is something.. it is indeed my first ever blog post. I am not one  that likes to admit when someone else is right. I will do it, but do not expect me to be happy about it! :)

If you are like me, you already read the about me section (I always do.. I like to know a little bit about the person.) If not, I'll do a sum up of what you missed (It's not much, trust me.) The name is Courtney, it is true I am 20 years young & a soon to be first time mommy. Little Cohen is said to be arriving around February 15th, but we will get to him in a second. Cameron is my right hand man, my support system, my brains & the beauty. Some say I may give him too much credit, but I don't listen to them anyways. Don't get me wrong, he has his flaws for sure! He doesn't enjoy the trips to Michael's or Jo Ann's like I do, and when I talk about something I can make he just gives me that look. It isn't the look that says "You can't make that", its more like "Courtney, you can just buy that". Either way, he supports almost everything I do & in the end that is all I need. 

*Cam & I at Cohen's baby shower. Yes, that is a Super Mom sticker that one of my best friends bought for me! 8 months pregnant, and finally hitting that extremely uncomfortable stage. 

Now onto little Cohen. He is a paragraph all on his own. He is what makes this family what it is. Without him, things would be completely different, and it amazes me how much control one little guy can have over two people when he hasn't even seen the world yet. He projects his qualities and personality very well from inside, so for the next few weeks I am preparing myself for what he is about to bring to my life. I'm not going to refer to it as chaos, because that term has a negative feel to it. Instead, I am simply going to use "happiness". This is not to say that I was unhappy before, but he has made me appreciate the simpler things in life already. I can't wait for him to make his debut, so I can learn everything he has to offer and teach me. Even though I am the mom, and he is the child.. he is going to be the teacher and I'll always be the student. 

*Mr. Personality right there. The ultrasound tech couldn't believe him. He has his arms behind his head, his legs crossed & tongue sticking out. Maybe now you understand why I say his personality shines well.