Monday, January 30, 2012

20 and Pregnant.

I've made the decision that Cohen is going to be delivered via stork, because I don't want to do the whole labor thing. I've never been "normal" (Keri and Megan, keep your comments to yourself) , so why go through the same process as the normal girls. Labor is kinda over-rated anyways, right? I'was watching 16 and pregnant this morning, and well I don't like this show anymore. It's amazing what television shows can do to a pregnant girl. I no longer watch "A Baby Story". "16 and Pregnant", or "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." Anywayssss.. One girl I just watched was only two cm dilated and she was SCREAMING, like as if the baby was coming out of that small space. That is all it took, I mean storks deliver adorable babies.. look at dumbo! He is the cutest little elephant I have ever seen!

He. Needs. To. Come. Out. Like. Now. <-- This is how I have felt for the past week. Him and I both agreed that he doesn't have room, and I don't have the room for him. Not only do we agree, but I think Cameron is getting pretty anxious for our little guy to get here. It's adorable. I mean, he wants to keep the diaper bag with us at all times. I think its wishful thinking to get him to come out. But go figure, he is stubborn like his mommy and daddy. I knew this quality would come back and haunt me one day. As much as I want him to be a  mommys boy (which he will be, I don't care what Cameron says), he is definitely going to be daddy's little best friend. He loves to kick my ribs, and test my strength & patience. However, as sooooon as his daddy starts to rub my belly he settles right down and is calm, or if I push my belly against Cam's back. For the past few weeks, I can only get a good nights sleep if I smother his back with my belly. Oh well.. it benefits both Cohen and I, and two beats one. So we win! :)

Back to watching 16 and Pregnant, and homework. Ew, what was I thinkingggg?!

Come on.. This guy looks like he knows what he is doing!